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TimeCare [formerly known as Timestart] .

UK manufactured TimeCare terminals are a standard swipe card reading time terminal that connects to an external "serial" line printer or Personal Computer for reporting purposes. All the functionality of this recorder can be accessed through the front panel display and key-pad but it is now so comprehensive that it is better suited to control from a personal computer running the supplied management application program.

This recorder works on a 7-day reconciliation cycle with a further 3-day carry over of period records before the previous period calculations are overwritten in memory.

Most of the refurbished units mentioned below are capable of upgrading for use with our, shortly to be released, ShifTime software that has been derived from our existing MaxiTime product that is associated with the MAX ER-2200PC card recorder.

New Timestart terminals are unavailable from Ontime Systems Limited due to former manufacturer's commercial irresponsibility. We are able to supply refurbished terminals having secured a stock of returned rental machines from another former dealer of this product.

  • Capacity of 150 employees clocking up to 8 time per day.

  • Ten differing working schedules for variable day working.

  • Ten Work Groupings for differing schedule working and reporting purposes

  • Four rates of paid time calculated on basis of extra time worked as overtime etc.

  • Bell signal output for tea break, shift start / finish control.

  • Data memory retention during power cuts with time corrected on power resumption.

  • Standard magnetic card reading with employee interrogation on demand.

This unit is normally supplied with Ontime Systems' own TimeCare communication program

Mail Order Guide Price £350.00 - TimeCare software for earlier users price £35.00