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TimeScan System

TimeScan TS-850
Time Attendance System with Fingerprint reader

Cards and badges can be lost, forgotten or ‘swapped’. And that is why time registration systems based on biometric data are the future, because they exclude ‘buddy punching’! With the TimeScan TS-850 you’ll be embracing the future today! This time registration system uses optical fingerprint recognition. Clocking in and out has never been this easy! The system recognizes your employees effortlessly, so that you can be sure that their attendance records are kept efficiently and correctly. The TS-850 can be installed in no time, and the reading of the output data is equally straightforward. Export data through TCP/IP or USB and use the included management software to generate clear attendance reports at employee level. Who came in early? Who was late? And who regularly works overtime? With the TimeScan TS-850 you can keep track of all of that!


Product Features

  • Digital Time Clock

  • High speed Fingerprint sensor
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Terminal & Software in 7 languages: EN,DE,FR,IT,ES,PT,NL
  • Registers up to 2.200 users
  • Stores up to 80.000 time records
  • PIN code option
  • Export to Excel (.csv)
  • Real time access to time records
  • Manage user data and time records
  • Time and Attendance Software for PC included
  • Easy reporting functions
  • Large LCD screen (128x64 pixels)
  • TCP/IP Network interface
  • Export through USB and Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Dimensions: 189 x 140 x 40mm
  • Weight: 0,48 kg
  • Voltage: AC220V-240V
  • 10 day satisfaction guarantee
  • 2 years warranty
  • CE certified

In the box

  • TimeScan TA-850

  • Manual in English
  • CD with Safescan TA time clock software
  • Power adapter with removable Euro and UK plug
  • Metal fixing bracket for wall-fitting
  • Mounting materials
  • Prisma replacement