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Self Calculating Time Clocks

Self-Calculating time clocks have been around for some years now with varying degrees of functionality associated with their limits of memory and country of origin.

Ontime Systems Ltd has experience of these products dating back to the days before the IBM PC became available.

In those days UK developed self-calculating time recorders become very sophisticated and carried a premium price. The advent of the IBM PC as a low cost programmable alternative medium saw the demise of most UK units in favour of data capture clocks linked to a PC.

However, some contemporary units remain for those not wishing to involve themselves with PC applications programs, (that can be quite daunting at times), and simple versions will be found under our MAX and Seiko Range headings.

These conventional cardboard printing Self-Calculating clocks need careful consideration as they may not fulfil a prospective customer's requirement and most of these units have severe restrictions on the number of cards that can be processed. (Please feel fee to obtain "Best Advice" from Ontime System's staff either by telephone or E-mail query.)

One of the advantages of Self-Calculating clocks is in the security of the data as it is stored within the individual unit and cannot be accessed through the vulnerability of a PC system nor is it likely to be lost due to a hard disk failure.

Original printed records are the comfort available from this type of equipment but if users wish to have something of the best in both worlds then the following products may provide.

TimeCare® MicroTime® MaxiTime® TaskTime®