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Nearly everyone has heard of Seiko in terms of timekeeping from the Olympic Games to the humble wrist-watch. Seiko Time Recorders represent value for money clocks at modest prices and the range even supports a self-calculating consecutive printing model. Probably most suitable in clean commercial environments Seiko clocks are ideal entry level equipment for first time users with fairly low staff numbers.

Seiko Model QR-375 consecutive printing calculating recorder provides two columns for printing In and Out transaction with a third column giving the total time elapsed between these registrations and a fourth column giving a running total of the entire period up the last transaction.

The Seiko QR-375 makes provision for calculations on the basis of divided hours being "Rounded off" to the nearest increment set by management. (i.e. quarter hours.) These increments can be based upon the clock face divisions (say quarters) or on total time worked.

Up to two different daily schedule may be programmed according to a user's requirements typically Monday to Thursday as a common schedule and Friday slightly different. Each schedule can incorporate two break periods although no grace allowance can be programmed at anytime to mitigate slightly adverse registrations.

The system also contains a special shift arrangement whereby a maximum amount of time can be set for working whereby employees may attend beyond the normal day end and by pressing the Out button achieve a calculation for hours worked. Day ends can be offset to beyond midnight for the convenience of most shift workers that may work later than this time.

All records are printed in single colour with symbols to denote irregular registrations and settlement periods can be set for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly periods. The double sided cards associated with this equipment normally provides sufficient space for a complete monthly record for each employee but where an occasion arise for extra clocking capacity in a period a card swap function is available. This system always prints each registration on a clean space on the clock card thus eliminating over clocking and obliteration of records by misuse

.Seiko Model QR-475 The “big brother” to the QR-375, the QR-475 is a calculating programmable time recorder for up to 100 employees (using the same bar-coded time card as the QR-375), but with additional selectable calculation rules, two-colour printing and signals.

The daily working hours can be set to be rounded for full 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20 or 30 Minutes, meaning when printing the daily hours the result will be rounded up or down to full 10 minutes for example. Alternatively,rounding of the punchtime: The IN / OUT punch time registration can be set to be rounded for 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20 or 30 Minutes, meaning at the printing of the actual IN / OUT registration the rounding will take place immediately and the printed actual punch time will be rounded up or down by the set value.

Overtime calculation in 3 variations include fixed time working when end of the normal finish time all hours worked after are overtime hours or; Daily working hours all hours worked in excess of normal hours are overtime hours or; Weekly, 2-weekly or monthly working hours time worked in excess of normal hours are overtime

Up to 3 different programs can be used, i.e. program 1 for Mo-Thu, program 2 for Fri & programm 3 for Sat and Sun

Two color printing - red printing for punches outside the programmed working hours or break times.

High Quality cabinet with lock and key.
Color: blue and silver. For wall mounting or table top operation

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£ 355.00

Seiko QR-375 clocks shipped with starter pack of 200 time cards & 10--slot rack.

SEIKO Standby Battery Pack

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£ 485.00

Seiko QR-375 clocks shipped with starter pack of 500 time cards. Card racks should be ordered separately to suit employee numbers