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IRIS PAYE-Master payroll software - the easy way to manage your employee payroll.

With IRIS PAYE-Master payroll software you can save time, deal with current pay legislations and handle complex calculations.


Ontime Systems have been a long time user of PAYE-Master and have found the product reliable, up to date and well supported by the developers Iris Software. The product is a low cost easy to use option to that of other brands like Sage Payroll and expensive alternatives.

Better still Ontime Systems have developed an exclusive link program enabling users of MAXiTime and AutoTime applications to transfer attendance time payment totals across to this payroll in a matter of seconds.

The price of our link program is £40.50 or delivered free with MAXiTime or AutoTime system purchases.

Features at a Glance

  •  Weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly pay frequencies or combination

  •  Available for multiple companies

  •  Net to gross calculator included

  •  User-definable categories for overtime, bonus, expenses etc

  •  Departmental analysis with summary totals

  •  Instant Calculator tracks effect on pay as details are entered

  •  Handles holiday pay, statutory sick pay and maternity pay

  •  Handles deductions such as student loan repayments

  •  Special deductions can be created by the user

  •  Handles attachment of earnings

  •  Manages working families credit and tax credits

  •  Handles Scottish variable rate

  •  Handles directors’ special NI rules

  •  Coin analysis report for employees paid in cash

  •  Internet filing of year-end returns included

  •  Statutory PAYE and NI changes sent to you automatically

  •   P14 / P60 / P35 / P45

  •  P11 / P32 equivalents

  •  Collector of Taxes remittance report

  •  Attachment of earnings

  •  Printed cheques

  •  Labels

  •  Telepay report