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Time & Attendance Software


OnTime Pro is a complete system for automatic recording of employee attendance and for producing work-hour reports. The system is designed for small and medium-sized organizations up to 250 employees. A copy of this program is supplied with every order for an Intagral time terminal together with a user start-up guide. The license key for this software versions 6.0.0 onwards is contained in the Intagral time clock so there are no worries about HASPs, Dongles or internet registrations. Multiple sites may have a copy of the software wherever an Intagral clock is installed.

Using the OnTime Pro software, the user can load the transactions to a PC at regular intervals (daily, weekly or even monthly) and manually modify the transactions if necessary. OnTime Pro processes the data according to user-defined rules (including rounding, break and overtime) and enables to produce a set of reports, which present the transactions, along with the system computations. The processed attendance data can also be exported to external pay-roll software.

System Requirement:

Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP , Vista.
Free serial port or with Intgral Plus fixed IP address for each terminal
16 MB free.
CD Rom drive.

OnTime Pro software package


  • Supplied on CD for flexibility of Autostart installation.

  • Takes up less than 20 Mbytes of hard-disk memory.

  • Fully compatible and easily installed in Windows 95, 98, Millennium, 2000, XP and NT.

  • User friendly: easy to use and quickly mastered.

  • Comprehensive on disk documentation that includes extensive online help and a user's manual featuring simple, step-by-step instructions for each one of the functions.

  • 250 limit on the number of employees. (Limited availability of *HASP licenced version with unlimited employees)

  • Password protection with 2 authorization levels (supervisor and user).

  • Editing of In/Out transactions and other data.

  • Up to three overtime levels can be defined by user.

  • Pay periods available: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly

  • Flexible hour rounding rules.

  • Lunch break calculation.

  • Adaptable work schedule for each employee.

  • Flexible exception handling, to deal with cases such as vacations, holidays, etc.

  • Export attendance data to third party software (such as payroll accounting packages, spreadsheets, etc.).

  • Download data from InTagral(tm) clock via direct connection, via modem, multidrop networking or through TCP/IP networking.

  • 2 special, user defined function keys (X and Y).

  • Daylight Saving Time (automatically or manually configured).

  * HASP version discontinued by manufacturers "Micronet" but to be replaced by UK developed WinBase.Net <More>

OnTime Pro's reports generator enables you to select any date range and produce reports for individual employees, for departments or for the entire company. These reports can be viewed on screen or printed out. The following types of reports are available in OnTime Pro:

  • Time Card.

  • Daily activity.

  • Hours summary.

  • Absence.

  • Lateness.

  • Who's In.

  • Missing punches.

  • Special, user-defined function punches (for example, lunch breaks, etc.).