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Product News - MAXiTime

Are you still totting up Clock cards?

Relief is at hand with the latest product from Ontime Systems Limited
Look! A clock card clock from which your PC can calculate employee's payment time.

No need for plastic cards, wiring to your PC or Hard to Learn complicated software.

The key is a simple plug-in chip just like your digital camera plus easy to use MAXiTime software developed by Ontime Systems Limited for normal people to use.

  • Unique Personal Computer Link using standard Plug & Play USB accessories.

  • Supplied with FLASHram module and USB connected reader.

  • Supplied with MAXiTime easy to use PC Application Program for calculating worked time into payable hours - Basic, Overtime 1, Overtime 2 & Overtime 3.

  • Retains familiar clock cards for local shop floor information either Weekly, By-weekly or Monthly printing.

  • Minimal installation costs - No wiring just plug into a 230-volt AC power point.

MAX ER-2200PC Electronic time recorder
Package price including 200 Cards, Card Rack, FLASHram and USB reader £495.00 + VAT

Card Features


  • Fully automatic printing on cards without any overstamping.

  • Up to 6 columns across time card.

  • Prints symbols of "LATE IN", "EARLY OUT" and "OVERTIME".

  • Unique KEY-CARD security system

  • Wall mounting installation with included special fitting plate.

  • Multi-viewing positions (Standard vertical position or Laid down position)

  • Three kinds of pay period formats (Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Pay period)

  • Switches automatically to daylight saving time.

  • Slightly angled insertion of time card for speedy use.

  • Three years memory backup

  • Software Functions

  • Time calculating for up to 50 employees with FLASHram linking to a PC system.

  • Advanced calculation capability by PC software. User can set 7 different daily schedules.

  • Overtime calculated by time of day or Daily / Weekly target threshold or combination.

  • Four styles of PC report printing Current Period Authorised for everyone, Current Period Detailed for an individual, Previous Date Range Authorised for an individual and Previous Week Detailed for an individual The "Previous Period" reports available from individual employee archived record file.

  • Export link file for Excel Spreadsheet in CSV format plus special export link for payroll programs.

  • Employee database records stores leaver details in addition to basic 50 operatives by payroll number.

  • Supplied with easy to understand user manual to read once and put away.