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Product News - TASKtime



The installation of a 'TASKtime' job and Attendance recording system by Ontime Systems Limited of Thame at the Central Workshop of Biffa Waste Services Ltd of High Wycombe, has increased efficiency at the workshop by 30%.

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A Biffa operative considers the next TASKtime operation code applicable to the final commissioning of Volvo Front End Loader seen in the background freshly painted from their own central workshop.

The Workmaster terminal, designed for use by companies with up to 99 employees, is very simple to operate. At the beginning of each new operation the employee presses a START button and then punches in a specific Job Number after which he is prompted to press an ACCEPT key. Every employee is provided with a designated badge (swipe card) which must then be swiped through a Workmaster linked to the company's PC. At the end of the operation the employee presses a STOP button and then punches in the designated Operation Number before swiping the card through the Workmaster once more, thus recording the time spent on the job.

The 25 operatives employed at the workshop build and paint the Biffa fleet nation-wide and maintain & service the High Wycombe vehicles there. Additionally, there is a Tachograph Centre where they service & maintain HGVs for other customers. The operatives undertake around one hundred different mechanical, maintenance and fabrication tasks in the course of a working week, each man capable, to a certain degree, of multi-tasking.

The workshop was operating at an efficiency of around 60%, but since the installation of the system it has increased to 90% enabling the Workshop Manager to sell his hours more effectively thus maximising profits.

The Workmaster has been upgraded to incorporate TASKtime, Ontime Systems' own new Windows® package to supersede the original PC program. This new program offers several additional options including the provision of a Job Database and the ability to log details of operations and jobs into these records. TASKtime is compatible with products such as Microsoft's Excel and other similar programs with Job Sheet export in CSV format.

Footnote September 2007

Ontime Systems Limited are now embarked upon developing TASKtime Senior a product compatible with other data terminals since the manufacturers of Workmaster have discontinued the product. Existing users will continue to enjoy support for the foreseeable future as arrangements have been put in hand for the supply of spare parts.