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By now many Intagral / OnTime Pro users will be aware that the original developers of this product, Micronet of Israel, have withdrawn from the Time and Attendance market. This is a shame because the product held a creditable following worldwide.

At OnTime Systems Limited, (a coincidence of name), we are aware that many users having made a commitment to the OnTime Pro software application will find it quite traumatic to have to make changes if their Intagral time terminal should become damaged or faulty.

Presently, we have been able to effect several repairs to these terminals including rebuilding worn swipe card slots which have broken apart. Some problems are impossible to rectify as items are unique to Micronet manufacture. We have returned some unit to Israel but it normally takes several weeks before repaired equipment is returned. This is not a satisfactory solution for users who need their Intagral clocks operational at all times.

To counter the problem we have identified some suitable time terminals that might be used to replace the Intagral units and will shortly have a communication software link available for direct input to the OnTime Pro application. Where users have a HASP / Dongle license key to operate the OnTime Pro application this should prove to be a satisfactory solution. Where customer have an embedded licence key version where the key is contained within the Intagral unit then keeping the software fully operational is problematic.

For embedded key users we have provided a dial-up service that enables users to make contact with a suitable “keyed” Intagral terminal that enables the continued use of the OnTime Pro application without a locally installed unit. This connection is only needed occasionally to update some functions within the software.

We are able to continue the supply of new or replacement swipe cards and shortly the proximity versions for contactless tokens. Cards can be printed with customers own logo at no extra cost for simple formats, (customer supplies artwork), or with generic UK single colour design. Please see Swipe Card page on this web site.

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