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Intagral Time in MS/DOS

Users that remember the days of MS/DOS may still be operating the old Intagral Time Management program a simple but very useful application.

This product still works from a Windows desktop environment but is dependent upon the availability of an RS232 communications socket at the rear of their computer. Many modern Personal Computers come no longer fitted with these connectors as they have been superceeded by the USB varient of serial communication.

Help @ Hand

Illustrated is the old Intagral time opening menu screen

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Help is now at hand for users that wish to prolong the use of this product or at least the Intagral Time Terminal. We are now able to offer an alternative Windows software application that can take advantage of USB to RS232 line converters that will communicate through the higher numbered COM interfaces provided by the Windows Application Program Interfaces.

The cost of this facility is little more than the price of and inclusive of the supply of a suitable USB to RS232 convertor cable.

£ P.O.A <Contact Us>

In addition to this upgrade we are considering integrating our MaxiTime Time and Attendance program with most earlier Intagral clocks including those previously licensed by way of Printer Port Dongles a further socket being removed from modern Personal Computers.

Customers potentially interested in this upgrade are requested to register an interest with us by using the <Contact Us> e-mail facility.