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OnTime Pro Help & Support

Firstly we must make it clear that the software product OnTime Pro is the property of Messrs Micronet Ltd of Israel and the name of Ontime Systems Limited and that of the OnTime Pro software product is entirely coincidental.

However, Ontime Systems Limited are resellers of this product and are happy to support existing and new users in the application of the software.

Earlier Systems

As with most software products OnTime Pro has been the subject of continuous development and this document is designed to explain the differences that may be encountered between versions of the program.

Up until recently users were enabled to operate the original software application OnTime Pro, that was supplied with the early Intagral time terminals, by the presence of a "licence key" being plugged into the rear of the computer running the software. This key, known as a "HASP", supplied with the software is plugged into the printer socket of the computer running the application and to all intentional purpose is invisible to other applications using any connected printer.

An alternative licence key was sometimes supplied in the form of a USB connected "HASP"

These forms of licence keys were obligatory up to and including the software version 1.4.9 of OnTime Pro

There are a number of reason why users maybe unable to continue using HASP licensed versions of the software not least because new replacement computers are often supplied without the old printer sockets sometimes known as "Centronics" ports after the first PC printers supplied years ago. Sometimes people loose their HASP license key!

Current License Operation

Since purchase of these earlier systems the manufacturers have changed their licensing method and now build the key into the Intagral terminal making the HASP keys obsolete and virtually unavailable. Terminals with embedded license keys always have model numbers with the suffix "B" appended to the model number as in NCLOCK101B or NCLOCK 520B,

Most versions of the OnTime Pro application, (1.6.0 onwards), require regular connection to an Intagral terminal containing the licence key whereby, at random intervals, the software checks the validity of the license number in the clock. This random function allows users to operate the software while it is not connected to a terminal. Normally in a new installation this is no problem and users are unaware of the activity. (Note: Some very early editions of 1.6.0 were supplied with none license embedded terminals and these installation are licensed with Micronet via an internet connection as all version 1.5.X were also licensed.)

New Intagral clocks added to an existing system running OnTime Pro versions 1.4.9 or earlier should work without problems although this is not entirely true of either very old versions of the software or where the Intagral Next/Plus range of terminals are concerned.

The later versions of the HASP licensed software incorporated changes to the communication part of the program and this became a separate utility called up by the main application program (or other programs written by third party system developers). This utility is called ClockComm.

Where some newer clocks are added to an old Ontime Pro system it may be necessary to install the later version of the ClockComm program into the folder of OnTime Pro in order to obtain the transaction listings from all the Intagral clocks.

When a new clock is installed to a system it is entirely possible to upgrade the OnTime Pro program to a later version that does not require a HASP license key. Operators should be aware that the program now has a restriction of 250-employees using the system. Versions of OnTime Pro prior to 1.5.0 have no restrictions as to employee numbers.