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Intagral Portable Time Terminal (Discontinued Model)

Now supplied complete with windows software:

InTagral Portable


Durable, low cost, battery operated time management solution uses two standard Alkaline batteries size "C" for about 12-months operation. Low Battery indication enables timely replacement. System retains memory by way of lithium secondary cell.

Fast, Easy to install with minimum setup and installation requirements.

Supports access control functions.

Also available

Robust metal card rack suitable for use with plastic swipe cards. 25-slots with each name or card number visible in a horizontal mode. Price £25.00 each when purchased with a clock otherwise normal price £32.00 each.

Horizontal Card Rack at £25.00 + vat
25-Slot Card Capacity

All a small business or branch needs

InTagral provides a low-cost, hassle free solution for Time and Attendance Monitoring in small to medium sized businesses. The InTagral supports either magnetic or barcode reading configurations.

Battery powered operation allows the InTagral to be easily installed in permanent or temporary field locations, without the need for power connection and cabling. Use of Flash Memory and back up battery ensures fail-safe data retention.

InTagral can be integrated with 3rd party time management software or used with OnTime software packages:


InTagral time clock package includes:

  • One InTagral clock

  • 2 long life, alkaline batteries (installed)

  • Serial RS 232 communication cable (1.5 metres)

  • Installation and operation instructions

Options & Accessories:

  • Protective mount - securing clock against the wall.

  • Multiplexer RS 232/RS485 multi point connection (up to 3 clocks)

  • Door /Bell activation device

  • Modem Serial RS232 communication cable (1.5 metres)

  • Extra InTagral cards – Magnetic or Barcode printed with user logo etc.

  • 24-slot card racks matching grey ABS

  • Staff ID holders for cards printed with user photographs etc.

Configuration Options – priced separately.


Multiplexer - RS232/RS485 adapter for multi point connection: RS232/RS485 adapter, power supply adapter, 3 RJ splitters.

Door/Bell Activation device

Free issue earlier MS/DOS software package available for simple time keeping records. Will load and run under Windows "Command" control. (Useful also for older 286/386 PCs portable or otherwise when being transported from location to location.)


    InTagral Portable Technical Specifications Basic configuration.


  • 128 kb RAM for system use

  • 80 kb Flash for system and storage use

  • Display:

  • 4 symbols Numeric LCD

  • Card Reader:

  • Magnetic Reader (Track II)

  • Bar-Code Reader (3-of-9,interleaved 2-of-5, code 128)

  • Keyboard:

  • 4 function keys


In/Out indicators


Audible alerts, programmable duration and frequency of audible feedback


Serial port RS232 up to 9600 bps


2 "Alkaline" C- type batteries allowing approximately 12-month operation under normal conditions.

Backup Battery:

Lithium backup battery for RTC

Physical information:

Dimensions: 100(L) x 150(W) x 35(D) mm (3.95" x 5.9" x 1.4")

Weight: 390 gr. (13.80 Oz.)