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Computer based systems

Computer based systems can be defined as those that rely upon Application Programs that are resident on some form of computer that is capable of collecting the basic transaction data from a suitable time clock source and using this data to produce coherent reports.

The Application Program will have user definable set-ups that customise the program for particular user circumstances. These will generally relate to the employment terms for various types of employees largely based on Contracts of Employment but also taking into consideration historical custom and practice recognised in the given workplace.

Prospective users of these system can gain a great deal of benefit from computer based systems both in terms of capturing, collating and calculating payable time for each employee and historical record keeping. Historical record keeping provides a valuable tool in assessing trends in terms of purchased labour hours defined in sections as small as individuals, workgroups, departments or on a whole company basis.

While the collected transaction data from time recording terminals may be the core information requirement most computer based system include comprehensive absence record keeping. These types of data are increasingly important under employment legislation. Usually holiday absence can be programmed in advance both globally for company wide (statutory) holidays and individually for employees booked leave. Likewise, retrospective additions of absence can be logged and categorised.

The more sophisticated systems can offer job or task recording facilities whereby employment time can be attributed to activities in the form of job costing or cost centre attribution.

Added to this, and dependent upon the clock terminal's functionality, other facilities can be managed like door access control and or audible signals to mark the start and stop of various periods.

Most application programs come with suite of print reporting features from basic weekly attendance to defined periods by person, workgroup, departments or company wide. Most also provide electronic "export" of data to be used elsewhere in other programs like spreadsheets and payroll programs.

All of these benefits come at a cost. Not just in financial outlay but also in terms of commitment for managing the systems with trained staff. It is also very easy to purchase a system that is over sophisticated for a particular company which can lead to under use and discrediting of the system by staff giving up on the process.

Ontime Systems Limited have a wealth of experience in helping customers to choose and implement suitable systems and the following pages give details of our most popular products. However, please feel free to consult with us as this level of equipment can appear quite daunting and an onerous task for busy managers to contemplate.