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Auto:Time Software

Auto:Time premium brings efficient time recording to all sizes of companies and a wide range of industry sectors, with the emphasis on ease of use, quality and value for money. By integrating and automating many vital features, Auto:Time premium saves you time and allows you to focus on the efficiency and availability of your employees, helping you make the best use of your most valuable asset.

The personnel module provides constant access to vital information including personal details, education, disciplinary and health information etc; all of which can be printed out using the much improved report templates. With exceptional flexibility, the attendance module provides the user with any number of fixed and flexitime schedules, with user-friendly wizards making it easy to set-up your own working patterns.


  • Application written using MS technology.

  • Data stored in MS Access database format.

  • Up to 16 registrations per employee per day.

  • Multi-Level password protection with Audit Trail.

  • Unlimited number of Daily Work Patterns.

  • Unlimited number of Period Shift Schedules.

  • 20 Rate of Time registers per employee for differentiated pay rates.

  • 99 User defines Exception categories

  • Reporting & Sorting by Company or Department or Workgroup or Location etc.

  • Working Time Directive compliance indicator and flagging

  • Comprehensive file export to many payroll programs plus Excel, Lotus, Word, etc.

  • Comprehensive Personnel Module with cross-reference of key skills for holiday planning.

  • Comprehensive Absence record keeping and Holiday Planner.

Illustrated above the Magnetic Card Terminal with CD Software

A comprehensive range of terminal options exist, including Magnetic Card Stripe readers, Indala or HID Proximity Token readers and the proven IR 'Hand Punch' biometric terminal, ensures every environment is catered for, including options for releasing doors local to terminal installations.



Broadly, the product collects, collates and calculates employee attendance time registrations for authorisation prior to payment. The program facilitates adjustments brought about by absence, holidays and forgotten registrations.

Automatic calculations are made against user definable settings based upon employment contracts and locally observed practice. Calculations may be incremented in defined units, (like quarter hour periods), with optional tolerances, (grace), and up to three break periods.

Employees are assigned to period shift schedules wherein their entitlement to work variable daily work patterns, (if applicable), are contained. This enables a considerable degree of flexibility within a working environment without the need for excessive intervention in the everyday operation of the program.