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Access Anywhere?

Since being asked to write my initial welcome letter for this web site our business has moved on.

The advent of our supplying low cost Attendance and Job Time Recording Systems using swipe card technology has raised the question, from our customers, what else can we do with the card.

In particular customers have been interested in using these cards for Access Control so that unauthorised individuals cannot just wander about premises without good reason. Unmanned reception lobbies and other entry routes to a building need to be protected from petty thieves and unscrupulous visitors.

Quite apart from these issues Health and Safety of a workforce has become a serious consideration and who is within a building at a given moment may become a critical question in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Evacuations may not be caused by events internal to a user's own premises but caused by neighbouring premises or social disruptions and protest groups.

Then there is the commercial integrity of the business where records are stored in vulnerable computer systems and laptop computers capable of making access through external telecommunication if they fall into the wrong hands and not missed for a while.

Ontime Systems have now added a whole repertoire of Access Control and associated Identity Card production to the traditional time clock business. Integrated management software is now available covering this whole area of management. Such is the growing demand for this equipment we also have Access Control software without any relationship to time systems and this is appropriate for offices, hotels or retail establishments.

Even the magnetic swipe card is now just one option with alternative proximity tokens being available together with biometric recognition systems that are becoming popularised by government publicity.

Ontime Systems have gathered together a wealth of experience with existing customers over many years and are now in a position to offer this service alongside or independently of our traditional time based products.

Please have a browse through our new Access Control sections there is more to it than meets the eye.


Raymond W.L. Powell

Director - Ontime Systems Limited